Blume Organic Tampons

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100% organic cotton

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Blume's tampons are made of ingredients you can actually pronounce, like 100% organic cotton. No mystery ingredients. A soft outer layer + an absorbent and leak-proof inner layer = the best tampons ever. 

Available in both super and regular with a compact, bio-plastic applicator so you can use the products right for you.  

Arguments in Favor of Organic Tampons

Using organic tampons protects your body from the potentially harmful chemicals in the combination of bleached cotton and rayon that makes up your typical drugstore tampon. The natural version of this product is also fragrance-free, so it's less likely to cause irritation to your most sensitive skin! Organic cotton is breathable and reduces your risk of bacterial and fungal infections. For example, many people with periods report fewer yeast infections after switching to natural tampons. Bacterial infections linked to tampon use can lead to a life-threatening complication called toxic shock syndrome.

Many also find organic tampons more comfortable to wear than the standard drugstore variety. They combine an absorbent core with a soft cotton exterior to keep you clean, dry and active. As with regular tampons, you can choose the right amount of absorbency for your monthly flow.

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